Bioshock Infinite: first minutes of the game

Bioshock Infinite: first minutes of the game by  4391 views

Are you waiting for Bioshock Infinite as much, as we do? If yes, we all should wait for about 3 months, because Bioshock Infinite release date is scheduled for the 26th of March, 2013. We have already seen Bioshock Infinite trailer, but now we could see the first 5 minutes of this fantastic first-person shooter!


How does everything start? Who is the main character of the game? How will he find mysterious city in Columbia? All these answers you can find in Bioshock Infinite trailer and also in this video. By the way, have you noticed a lot of strange inscriptions in Old English there? What do they mean? If you have any ideas, share them in comments, but to find out the truth, we will have to wait until Bioshock Infinite release date.

And what about the end of the game? Unfortunately, thedevelopers are silent. But one of the game's script writers - Drew Holmes -told journalists, that the finale will be amazing, and he is really proud of it.Also he added, that no one will expect the ending, the developers have created.

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