Beyond: Two Souls may be released for PS4?

Beyond: Two Souls may be released for PS4? by  3934 views
There are online rumors that Beyond: Two Souls will be released for PS4. Quantic Dream’s developers do not deny that for the creation of the game's PS3 version, they had to transfer some of the Beyond: Two Souls functionality from the PS4. But does it mean that the game will be released for Playstation 4? 

Eurogamer staff having interviewed Quantic Dream vice president, Guillaume de Fondaumière and trying to find the answer for this question. Mr. de Fondaumière did not give a specific answer, but he said that it hadn’t been decided yet. This wording suggests that the information about the game’s release for PS4 is not a rumor. But it is also clear that it’s not profitable for the company to announce now the out of Beyond: Two Souls for the Playstation 4 (which can take place only a few weeks after its release for the previous Sony console generation), because this information affects very much the sales of game for PS3, which is scheduled for the October of this year.

Would you rather buy Beyond: Two Souls for the Playstation 3 or wait this game for PS4?