Bethesda: Latest News

Bethesda: Latest News by  2559 views

Today I’ve been surfing the Bethesda official Youtube channel and found some interesting stuff. Let’s make a short sum-up of all the news they propose.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Ruins of Mazzatun

The Elder Scrolls Online gets its first DLC pack - Ruins of Mazzatun. Check out the video to find out more about it. It’s already out on PC and Mac, as for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - it will be out on August 16. By the way, there’s TES Legends beta on right now! If you’re interested in stuff like this you should check Twitch for streams.

Quake Champions and eSports

Ambitions. What a great thing. Check out this interview where Tim Willits - id Software’s Studio Director - tell you about what are they going to do with Quake, and what are their cooperation plans with eSports. You might also like his previous interview - Quake Champions - Everything About Characters.

Prey – Secrets from the Announce Trailer

Raphael Colantonio - Arkane Studios President and Prey Creative Director - will tell you some secrets about Prey. They were hidden in the trailer that was published recently. Prey - Everything About the Game.

The last but not the least - Bethesda Plays Fallout Shelter (PC)

My favourite one. My attitude to every Bethesda’s project is very positive, but Fallout gets the highest points. The idea to launch Fallout Shelter on PC was awesome, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing it and watching the stream Bethesda had made. By the way, you’ll need some help: check out the Fallout Shelter on PC: Guide, Tips and Cheats.