Battlefield 4: release date, pre-order bonuses, new screenshots

Battlefield 4: release date, pre-order bonuses, new screenshots by  10979 views

While all the attention was being paid to Xbox One’s presentation, Electronic Arts company has presented us new Battlefield 4 screenshots and has told some interesting details about the game.

First of all, today, Battlefield 4 release date on the world market has been revealed. So, this first-person shooter will be released on the 29th of October in North America, and on November 1st in Europe and the UK. No date was given for an Austarlian release, but we can assume (basing on the previous Battlefield games release dates) that Battlefield 4 will be released in Australia at the same time as in Europe.

In addition, the game's developers have announced a bonus to those who will pre-order Battlefield 4. If you make a pre-ordre of the fourth part of Battlefield game series, you’ll get the China Rising expansion pack, which contains four new maps. Now you are fighting for dominance across the vast and majestic China in four maps, using high-tech weapons and other military equipment.


More news about Battlefield 4 and its multiplayer we can tell you after June 10 (at that time E3 will take place, in which the developers promise to share new details about the game), and now we are offering you to see the latest Battlefield 4 screenshots: