Batman: The Telltale Series - Crowd Play Mode

Batman: The Telltale Series - Crowd Play Mode by  2786 views

As you probably know, Batman: The Telltale Series will finally come out on August 2nd, and we’ve heard some shocking news about this game recently. By the way, you can watch the last trailer: Batman - The Telltale Series - Premiere Trailer. Telltale Games decided to introduce the brand new gaming mode - Crowd Play.


Everyone who loves interactive games where your choice is the base for all events in the game may cooperate now: Crowd Play permits to play in a multiplayer mode. Now you can let your friends to vote and then the most popular decision will be picked.


A huge advantage of this game mode is that you don’t have to install Hamachi or some other stuff, you just need to host a gaming session and share the created URL with people you want to get involved in the game. It might be public or private, as you wish. The percentage of votes will be indicated instantly. Also, spectators and players can vote is they agree with the picked decision or not. Like in Facebook.

Now about hosting: host has a right to decide between two cases. The first one - everybody votes, but he still has a right to chose the final answer. Or the second one, where the host can’t affect the picked decision.


The bad point - it’s impossible to stream, unfortunately. Anyway, this idea is really good. The system can hold up to 2.000 gamers. And Telltale Games told us that this Crowd Play concept will be used in the future.