Bandai Namco launched Pac-Man 256 mobile game

Bandai Namco launched Pac-Man 256 mobile game by  2996 views

Yesterday, Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco released the new Pac-Man 256 mobile game. It’s available for download on iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices. The launch if this project is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the legendary arcade, which came out in Japan in 1980.


Pac-Man 256 mobile game is a kind of a original project’s reboot. Its idea and mechanics stayed the same. The players have to complete as much way as possible, not get caught by enemies and earn lots of scores. But there’s one detail. The game (as well as its title) is based on a famous glitch when the players couldn’t get from level 255 to 256. So here, they will have to travel across an endless maze, gather bonuses and try to stay alive.

In addition to all original features, Pac-Man 256 mobile game includes some new power-ups - laser beams, tornados and various abilities.

Pac-Man 256 mobile game is free-to-play, however, there’s an opportunity to earn more virtual currency by watching short promo videos.

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