Ark: Survival Evolved game is announced

Ark: Survival Evolved game is announced by  5447 views

Studio Wildcard company has announced the new project in the survival genre. As it’s reported, the Ark: Survival Evolved game is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4 for such platforms as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Linux and Mac. The future project will have a quite scale open prehistoric world. And now, let’s find out more about its plot.

In the new Ark: Survival Evolved game, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of several other players on an island. You will have to get food, gather different resources in order to build shelters and find other items, which are necessary to survive in this area. But there’s another feature, which will differ this game from the other alike ones. You must hunt the dinosaurs, mammoths and other prehistoric creatures and tame them. According to the representatives of Studio Wildcard, the Ark: Survival Evolved game will be huge as for its content, open world, features and various technologies. It’s planned that firstly the upcoming project will come out in Early Access on Steam. It will happen already on June 2nd. The game’s early version will support mods, include 30 creatures, mythical monsters, food, water, two systems of temperature and weather as well as abilities to create and paint buildings, grow and gather the harvest.

The release of the project’s full version is set for June 2016. The developers state that on this date the Ark: Survival Evolved game will contain 70 animals, Oculus Rift support and more new features.

By the way, the forthcoming Ark: Survival Evolved game has already got the minimum system requirements. They look like this:

  • OS: Windows 7/8;
  • Processor: Dual-Core 64-bit with 2GHz;
  • RAM: 4GB;
  • Video card: compatible with DirectX 11 with 1GB VRAM;
  • DirectX: version 11;
  • Hard Drive: 20GB of free space.

And in conclusion, we’d like to share the Ark: Survival Evolved debut trailer and screenshots: