Another Need for Speed trailer has been published (Movie)

Another Need for Speed trailer has been published (Movie) by  2755 views

As far as Need for Speed movie will hit our cinemas very soon, it is absolutely logical that its creators are trying to advertise their product by all possible means and attract as large audience as possible.

Only yesterday we showed you one Need for Speed trailer, in which the spectacular police race was demonstrated, and today we want to share another fresh video for the upcoming film. New Need for Speed trailer is called From console to screen and, as you have probably guessed, draws parallels between the film and Need for Speed game series. According to the creators of the blockbuster, the fans of Need for Speed ​​franchise will have a unique opportunity to see, how their favorite cars from this racing simulator will look like and sound on a big screen. There are a lot of cool sports cars in the game, and the filmmakers have done everything possible to present them in the upcoming movie. Here you will see not only a great race, chic and unbelievable tricks on roads and luxury sports cars, but the true experience of real racing games.

So if you're a fan of Need for Speed franchise, we strongly recommend you to watch fresh Need for Speed trailer, which appeared last night:

We’d like to remind you that this blockbuster will appear in USA cinemas on March 14 and a bit later in other countries.