All that U wanna know about Dishonored

All that U wanna know about Dishonored by  2616 views
Dishonored - a completely new and unpredictable stealth-action/RPG with elements of steampunk. Corvo - the personal bodyguard of the Empress and the protagonist of the game. In a country undercover revolution, during which the Empress was killed and her daughter was kidnapped, happened.

Lord Regent, who takes the place of the killed ruler blames her bodyguard. You have to get out of jail and to punish all those who were behind this heinous crime. The player has an opportunity to defeat all enemies, from simple soldiers to bosses, without killing them. As well wide arsenal of weapons and magic, that can be used as for killing, so for stealth movement will be available to the player.

MountSpace glad to present you the full cycle of Dishonored developer’s video diaries. In it you can see not only a lot of gameplay elements, but a variety of tips from the creators of the game. As well video clips series will tell about how the game was conceived and created, and what game framework was used in it.
Beyond that, you can watch a live stream with the developers interviews on the IGN site channel.