Aliens: Colonial Marines release date and trailer

Aliens: Colonial Marines release date and trailer by  5113 views

Aliens: Colonial Marines game is a horror first-person shooter, that is based on cult Aliens universe. The game was firstly announced in 2008, but still is in the development in Gearbox Software studio. And finally the developers announced Aliens: Colonial Marines release date! The game is scheduled for the 12th of February, 2013, and we hope, that this time Aliens: Colonial Marines game will be really released.


In Aliens: Colonial Marines game you are playing a role of the space team, that is trying to investigate the details of Ellen Ripley's disappearance. You need to control 4 person of crew in the same time and also can take part in multiplayer battles. Each character in Aliens: Colonial Marines game has the unique weapon, additional gun, special device and grenades. Only using all this equipment simultaneously, you will be able to win in this game.

After Aliens: Colonial Marines release date you will also be able to try its multiplayer mode, where you can fight on the side of humans or on the side of aliens. Which side would you like to choose? Answer in comments and don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook community, because we collected lot of additional video gaming information there. And now let's watch the latest Aliens: Colonial Marines TV trailer: