Alien Rage release date and trailer

Alien Rage release date and trailer by  4876 views

The Alien Rage game is an upcoming first-person shooter that was announced at the E3 expo. Yesterday the project got interesting cinematic trailer. Also the Alien Rage release date was announced.


The game is set on the asteroid "Deimos-875", where the Earthmen found promethium - very powerful mineral that can fuel or destroy the whole planet. But not only our characters want to get this treasure - aliens are also going to extract the resources. From the Alien Rage trailer we got to know that unexpected guests are rather dangerous, and they begin the war with us. The battles were not really successful for Earthmen, and now you are sent to asteroid to kill the aliens and burn this dangerous place.

Alien Rage game will consist of 14 different levels with 21 types of enemies. You will be able to use 10 exclusive weapons. Alien Rage release date is scheduled for this autumn - the game will be out on the 24th of September, 2013. This shooter will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.