Alien Rage launch trailer is released

Alien Rage launch trailer is released by  3328 views

We haven’t heard anything new from the developers of FPS - Alien Rage - for a long time, but finally they released new Alien Rage trailer, which is dedicated to the game’s launch, which has been held today for PC.

A short Alien Rage trailer, demonstrated below, tells us that you should have to go to a distant asteroid "Deimos-875", where you’ll fight against aliens, who have also came to this godforsaken place solely to possess incredibly valuable, but at the same time very dangerous mineral -  promethium, which can save the planet, providing it with fuel, or destroy it in a clap. Now your main task is to kill all invaders (which, by the way, there will be 21 types) and undermine the asteroid, using all weapons you’ll have (there will be 10 exclusive weapons). So watch Alien Rage launch trailer and be prepared for a mass shoot-out with the big guns.

Though the exact date of game’s release for PS3 and Xbox 360 is still unknown, but we are sure that Alien Rage will be finished this autumn for the current generation of consoles.