Advertising Bioshock Infinite trailer and more

Advertising Bioshock Infinite trailer and more by  4656 views

Bioshock Infinite release date is very close, so the developers actively advertise their upcoming and anticipated project. Recently New-Yorkers were able to see the huge game's billboard in the center of the city, and yesterday amazing Bioshock Infinite trailer appeared on TV.


New Bioshock Infinite trailer is as combat, as the previous one. Here you will be able to see several opponents of our characters and different powers that the protagonist will use in the game. The combat looks really impressive, doesn't it? Don't forget to put your opinion in the comments below:

In this Bioshock Infinite trailer fantastic Booker's powers look spectacular, but aren't clear. So we'd like to show you the full list of hero's abilities with short descriptions.

  • Bucking Bronco power allows Booker to lift the enemy and leave him in the air for a short time.
  • Charge ability helps Booker kick enemies at a distance.
  • Devil's Kiss power is an ability to throw fireballs.
  • Murder of Crows power allows Booker to set crows on the enemies. By the way, this ability is the most interesting for players according to the poll on game's official Facebook page.
  • Possession ability is a spell that makes enemies fight for Booker, but not against him.
  • Return to Sender power gives the fire from enemies back to them.
  • Shock Jokey ability allows to shoot the electrical charge to stun the enemy.
  • Undertow power is a sort of telekinesis.

And in the end we'd like to remind you that Bioshock Infinite release date is scheduled for the 26th of March, so very soon each of you will be able to try these powers by yourselves.

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