A new patch for SimCity

A new patch for SimCity by  4760 views

Maxis company has prepared another patch for SimCity. This update, which aims to fix all the bugs introduced in the game by last patch, should be released later this week.

We would like to recall that the patch 2.0, which was released just two weeks ago, brought into the open-ended city-building game more problems than good upgrades. Among the most notable developers’ deficiencies we can point out the following: overflowed drains without any particular reason, the congestion of the city, disappearing the texture of the road sometimes, the phantom sounds.

Just to solve all these problems, and in order to satisfy SimCity fans (or at least try to do it), Maxis is planning to release the patch 3.0. In addition to fixing bugs from the previous update, the development team will add the additional elements to the game such as new textures to diversify hotels, the appearance of the "virtual smell" for cities, the redirection of waste water directly (and not through the city) to the cleaning station and a few other elements. A full list of fixes you can find on the official forum of Simcity.


We, in turn, can only wait for the release of this patch and hope that it’ll really fix all bugs, and won’t bring new ones.