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There are only a moment between past and future in Black Ops 2

As has already passed a law game publishers this year, Callof Duty: Black Ops 2 - will be his vision of the game from the companyTreyarch. The game will be released as a continuation of the Call of Duty:Black Ops, but also as a separate part of the series Call of Duty.

by  2012-07-11 6808 views
The struggle against cheaters in Max Payne 3

In the recent time has increased complaints about players,using various means to obtain added value in the multiplayer. In response, thecompany Rockstar declared the action against dishonest players in multiplayerusing any means of deception.

by  2012-07-11 6368 views
The old iron horse will not spoil the furrow Criterion Games

In 2005 came out the revolutionary Need for Speed: MostWanted, which won not only the fans but also millions of ordinary players,becoming the best in the series Need for Speed ​​at the time of its release,and much later. July 6, 2012 the company Criterion Games known for its BurnoutParadise and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit announced its version of Need forSpeed: Most Wanted on the engine, Frostbite 2.

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