The Last of Us movie has got some new details (Movie)

The Last of Us movie has got some new details (Movie) by  4355 views

As you remember, in March, Naughty Dog company revealed the first details about the future film adaptation of the popular survival horror game. Then it became known that Neil Druckmann will become the motion picture’s script writer, and the famous director - Sam Raimi, - probably, will be the project’s producer. At the Comic-Con event in San Diego, all the mentioned above information was officially confirmed again, and The Last of Us movie has got some new details, which we’d like to share with you.

According to Sam Raimi, The Last of Us movie will demonstrate the thrilling adventures, the great love story and the real horror. Neil Druckmann, in his turn, has stated that the main attention in the upcoming film will be paid to the relationship between the protagonists - Ellie and Joel.

The cast, which will participate in the shooting of The Last of Us movie, hasn’t been confirmed yet. According to the unofficial information, it’s quite possible that Ellie’s role will be performed by the British actress - Maisie Williams - who’s famous for the Game of Thrones TV series, where she appeared as Arya Stark.


And it’s sure enough that we’re all intrigued by the question: which actor will play Joel? Recently, a lot of different rumors have appeared in the network. Some people say that the role of the protagonist will be played by Troy Baker - the actor who actually voiced this video game’s character. The others talk about Bruce Campbell, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman. But these are only the guesses. All we have to do now is to wait the official announcement from Naughty Dog.

And finally, we’d like to show you the new poster, which The Last of Us movie has got:


On the image, we see the project’s heroine - Ellie - with a backpack and a knife in her hand. Nor exact neither approximate date of the motion picture’s premiere on the big screens is specified on it.

Let us remind you that The Last of Us: One Night Live theatrical show will take place today. You can enjoy the live broadcast on Twitch, PlayStation Network's Live Event Viewer and Youtube.

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