Dark Souls 2 game has got new video about a “cursed” one

Dark Souls 2 game has got new video about a “cursed” one by  2635 views

A month ago we showed you new screenshots of the next instalment in quite popular Dark Souls series, and already today we would like to demonstrate its fresh video.

The project’s developer - From Software - and its publisher - Namco Bandai Games - don’t miss a chance to advertize their upcoming action-RPG, the release of which will take place less than in two months. This time they have prepared to the fans a full-fledged Dark Souls 2 trailer, entitled Cursed. Here you will get to know the history about a kingdom - Drangleic, - which was cursed one day and occupied by some the most terrifying monsters which you can imagine and against which you will have to fight. This is a place that absorbs the souls of everyone and deprives the will to live. But the most important thing, shown in the video, is a constant dark and creepy atmosphere of the game. But in order you are able to verify it, we suggest you watching new Dark Souls 2 trailer, which was released yesterday and is published below. Don’t forget to leave your comments about the project and its scrary beings at the bottom of the page.

Dark Souls 2 game is being developed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and will hit the NA stores on the 11th of March, and on the 14th of March it will appear in Europe.

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