Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

 Votes: 620
 Rating: 4.5
 First-person shooter
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The penultimate week of August has been quite lively and rich in various interesting events in the world of video games and movie industry. If you didn’t managed to follow all the latest news, our traditional digest includes a list of the most important ones.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-08-21 6656 views

Recently, one of the reddit users, having introduced himself as a former Valve employee, revealed the new Left 4 Dead 3 details. Well, of course, this information can be just a usual rumor, however, some of the presented facts seem quite trustworthy anyway.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-08-19 6692 views

Turtle Rock Studios - the creator of Left 4 Dead and one game in Counter-Strike series - is working on the new title, which will be detailed in the next GameInformer magazine. This project - Evolve game - will appear on the cover that was revealed yesterday and is coming in the third quarter of 2014.

 by Tanya Knysh 2014-01-08 2953 views