Tomb Raider: Legend

Tomb Raider: Legend

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The launch of the new game that tells about Lara Croft’s crazy adventures is coming soon. Let us remind you that the release of the future project on Xbox One and Xbox 360 will take place on November 10th, 2015.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2015-09-29 7648 views

Although Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition game will be released only in a week in Europe, but its developers can’t wait so long to show us how their updated project will look like. And that’s why today they have published Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition launch trailer.

 by Anna Stepko 2014-01-24 3745 views

Today we would also like to please the fans of popular Tomb Raider game series, presenting them a new fan-film based on this action-adventure. Thus, an interesting Tomb Raider fan-film, created by a group of cinematography’s fans called CanCinema, has recently appeared in the network.

 by Anna Stepko 2013-12-26 4272 views