The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us

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11 Oct 2013  Worldwide
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If you are a fan of graphic adventure games and prefer play them on the next-gen consoles, then today we are happy to tell about the launch of one such project on PS4 and Xbox One in a short time. Thus, yesterday, Telltale Games company - the developer of such popular game series as The Walking Dead, CSI, Sam & Max and many others - announced, when The Wolf Among Us will hit the consoles of the new generation.

 by Anna Stepko 2014-10-10 1244 views

Well, dear friends, another summer Friday is here and, today, as usual, we summarize the events of this week from the world of video games and movie industry. Traditionally, our digest includes only the hottest and the most thrilling information about the new and already favorite projects.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2014-07-25 4136 views

The second episode of this adventure game was released in early February, and recently the developer - Telltale Games company - has published fresh The Wolf Among Us trailer, titled A Crooked Mile, which reveals some details of the upcoming part. It’s necessary to notice that if you still haven’t played the other game’s episodes, then you should be careful watching this video, because The Wolf Among Us trailer includes not only the information about the next part, but also contains many spoilers of two previous episodes - Faith and Smoke and Mirrors.

 by Olga Smiyanenko 2014-04-02 3852 views