Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls

 Votes: 293
 Rating: 4.7
Release dates
17 Oct 2013  Japan
11 Oct 2013  Europe Russia
09 Oct 2013  Australia
08 Oct 2013  North America
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If you are a fan of the projects developed in the genre of interactive drama and you are mad keen on Beyond: Two Souls game, then today we have the good news about the first add-on to this amazing project.  We are talking about Beyond: Two Souls DLC, titled Advanced Experiments, that previously was available only in the game’s Special Edition, but now you can buy it as a separate downloadable add-on for $4.

 by Anna Stepko 2013-11-21 2784 views

Last week we reported about Beyond: Two Souls demo and the opportunity to get earlier access to it, and today we want to tell you new information about the project. So, a few days ago the publisher of this interactive drama action-adventure, Sony, announced Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition, which you can get by pre-ordering the game.

 by Anna Stepko 2013-09-30 2871 views

Beyond: Two Souls game – an upcoming dramatic action-adventure – is coming at the beginning of October, but already now you can get the access to its demo version to decide whether this exclusive PS3 game is worth your attention. Beyond: Two Souls demo is going to be released very soon, on the 1st of October, while the game itself is coming a little bit later – on the 11th of October in Europe.

 by Tanya Knysh 2013-09-25 2275 views