Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

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11 Nov 2016  Worldwide
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Only one week left until Dishonored 2 release date and everyone is excited already. Gamers start pre-ordering the game, but you need to remember that before you download Dishonored 2 you absolutely need to know minimum, recommended and advanced specs.

 by Anna Stepko 2016-11-04 3400 views

A few days ago Bethesda pleased gamers with a few new gameplay trailers that reveal a lot of interesting details. These were two trailers: one for Dishonored 2 and the other one - for Prey.

 by Anna Stepko 2016-08-22 1767 views

As you might remember from our Dishonored 2 release date revealed article a few changes await people in new part of Dishonored. First of all - players will be able to choose between Corvo and his daughter Emily, in the first parts there was only one protagonist.

 by Anna Stepko 2016-07-05 1750 views